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Information Letter A IncreasedIncidenceOfScarletFever-LetterToParents 08122022

Strep A infection guidance for parents and carers

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30.03.22Covid-19 – the next steps NHS guidance
• Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature will be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people, where they can. Government guidance will state that “they can go back to school, college or childcare when they no longer have a high temperature, and they are well enough to attend”.



*In order to protect our workforce and families at nursery, if your child tests positive for Covid19 I recommend that they remain at home isolating until they have a negative lateral flow. Many thanks for your support at this time.

09.09.21Risk Management Plan for Covid 19 2021-2022

LFD Testing for parents March 25 2021

Activities and ideas for home learning this Spring Term
Spring Planning 2021

02.11.20 Plans in place for the opening and running of nursery during this period
Covid incident management plan+

Our position re non attendance of self-funded places:-

‘In line with government guidance we are currently open and therefore your child’s session is unable to be refunded for non attendance. In the event of closure due to government restrictions or staff shortage sessions will be credited’.


Due to staff shortage nursery is only open to key worker and vulnerable children until further notice.

In the event of nursery closure due to government restrictions enforcing schools and Early Years settings to close we will open for vulnerable children and children of key workers only (upon receipt of written evidence).

In the event of restricted opening due to government advice or staff shortage children will be allocated places using the following priority structure:-

1) Children who have been awarded inclusion support or 2yr funding by West Sussex and Children of key workers (upon receipt of written evidence).
2) School leavers born in the summer term – April 1st – August 31st.
3) School leavers born in the Spring term – January1st – March 31st.
4) School leavers born in the Autumn term – September 1st – December 31st.
5) Non school leaving 3yr olds awarded 15 hours of government funded places.
6) Children who have self funded places – sessions missed will be credited to the following terms invoice.

It may be necessary to ‘bubble’ the children to minimise contact for staff and families. Families will be informed by email.

Autumn Term 2020
Autumn Term 2020

Southdown Nursery Covid19 advisory chart

Welcome back letter 2020

31.08.20 Risk Management Plan

Covid 19 Risk management Autumn Term 2020

Covid 19 Risk management Autumn Term 2020

Following government guidelines regarding unlocking I am gearing up to opening the week of June the 1st for school leavers and children of keyworkers only. I will be contact these families individually with their child’s allocated sessions taking in to consideration staff availability and ensuring the safety of all. The sessions will have the maximum of 12 children. Details to follow as things become clearer.

26.05.2020 Summer 2nd half of half term activities.
Summer 2nd Half Term Activities
Some handy tips to help you through this time.

The stress bucket[124507]

Some summer term activities

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FRENCH Activity sheet spring 2020

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Nursery PDF- Summer Term Activities for Home

Corona virus books for children
Risk Management Plan for Covid 19 2021-2022

Coronavirus-ABookForChildren Axel Scheffler
Hello my name is conornavirus book

Getting ready for school


Minibeast Hunt

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