2017 Healthy Eating Week with Riverford Organic Farmers

We all want our little ones to eat more vegetables, and with concerns about sugar and childhood obesity on the rise, Riverford Organic Farmers are taking action with a new scheme to get children at local schools, nurseries and pre-schools to love the green stuff!

Riverford Horsham is delighted to announce that Southdown Nursery is the first to register in the scheme. They kicked off the partnership – which will also help the Pre-school to raise funds when parents get veg boxes delivered to their homes – with a veg cookery lesson within the school’s Healthy Eating Week.

After an interactive talk about where vegetables come from and why it’s important to eat lots of different types, the children had fun exploring tastes and textures, and a rainbow of colours of fruit and veg. They enthusiastically tried some more unusual varieties – Romanesco went down particularly well.

Lucy Smith, Head at Southdown, said “Here at Southdown Nursery we decided to hold a Healthy Eating Week, following our recent Outstanding Ofsted report’s recommendation to support and encourage families with  healthy packed lunches. We invited parents to come and participate in the activities during this special week too. To round it off with Riverford’s veg lesson was spot on for getting the children, and their families, to get totally immersed in fruit and vegetables. They all had a lot of fun smelling, tasting and preparing the vegetables – and eating them!”

Liz Sowden, Riverford Horsham’s veg lady, said “One of the best things you can do for your children is involve them in preparing family meals. This needs a little time and may be a bit messier than your usual cooking, but it’s important as what you teach them now will build firm foundations for their future attitudes towards healthy eating. Let them wash, chop, grate and touch fruit and vegetables, and talk about where they come from. A veg box is an ideal way to do this, and we also have loads of hints and tips to help parents encourage children to eat well and get them involved in the kitchen in fun and safe ways.”

The Riverford Veg for Schools scheme is open to all schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Find out more at www.riverford.co.uk/veg-for-schools or call Liz Sowden on 01403 337 778