Enabling Environments

Observation, Assessment and Planning, Supporting Every Child, Our Learning Environment, The Wider Context.

  • We aim to provide appropriate, stimulating and worthwhile opportunities to build on children’s interests. We make daily observations and note ideas for support and extension of this play.
  • We recognise that children need a range of experiences, including those that are predictable, comforting and challenging.
  • We will often develop a theme based on recurrent interests of a group of children. We also incorporate a calendar of special events, celebrations and festivals into our planning.
  • We use post-it notes and photos to record more detailed observations of children. Key Persons record what these show about children’s learning and make plans for ‘next steps’.
  • We have a strong ethos of free-flow movement inside and outside and encourage children to incorporate the landscape into their play. As far as possible we aim to mirror the indoor workshop environment out of doors by zoning our patio and garden. We have lots of exciting plans and are currently working hard to bring these to life.
  • We support children’s transitions between home and nursery and between nursery and school. We meet with you at times of transition and liaise regularly with St. Andrew’s Primary School.
  • We work together across services, (e.g. The Early Childhood Service, health professionals, occupational and speech therapists, Portage) to best support your child. We also aim to foster a sense of community by involving local people in the everyday life of the nursery.