A Unique Child

Development, Inclusion, Safety, Health and Well-being

  • We recognise individual’s unique character, temperament, interests and learning styles;
  • We acknowledge that they will follow personal pathways in their learning and develop at different rates in different areas of their learning;
  • We respect and celebrate the diversity of our children and families and promote inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice throughout all aspects of nursery life;
  • We have an Accessibility Plan in place to outline our targets for improving all disabled children’s access to the curriculum, the physical environment and effective communication;
  • We safeguard children’s psychological and physical well-being through clear behaviour guidelines, being ready to listen and respond to their concerns and conducting regular risk-assessments of our play spaces;
  • We encourage children to take responsibility for manageable tasks, e.g. self-registration, snack-time, independence with personal hygiene and toileting.
  • We help children to make friendships and value their peers.
  • We promote choice, independence and decision-making to give the children a sense of control over their day and build self-esteem.
  • We prioritise opportunities for outdoor energetic play and calmer, reflective moments in our lovely garden.
  • We have a healthy eating policy for lunch-boxes and snacks and aim to introduce children to a range of healthy foods.